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News and Press: Jessica Lunsford Act

(TRENTON) The Jessica Lunsford Act (A1767 and S533) will require a mandatory minimum sentence fixed by the court with 25 years to life and a minimum of 25 years served before that person would be eligible for parole. Aggravated Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault with this bill would require the same sentencing requirements if the victim is under 18 years of age.

The Jessica Lunsford Act will also impose mandatory terms for those who would hinder the apprehension or prosecution of those who commit Aggravated Sexual Assault or Sexual Assault on those who are under 18 years of age. Under the bill if an actor harbors or conceals a person who is required to register under Megan’s Law and the actor has reason to believe that the person has not complied with the registration requirements, the actor would be sentenced to a mandatory minimum depending on the degree of the law violated.

GPS monitoring already exists in state law and would be applicable to any person who may be paroled after the 25 years mandatory minimum.

There are no protection or bubble zones enacted with this act.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 25 states have enacted mandatory 25-year minimum sentences for persons convicted of sex crimes against children and at least 39 states have enacted provisions for GPS or electronic monitoring of sex offenders.  44 states have enacted some form of The Jessica Lunsford Act; it is time for New Jersey to do the same.

Contact:  Gregory Quinlan 800-632-0967
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