Thousands Assembled at the NJ State House In Support of Traditional Marriage!

TRENTON: California, Florida and Arizona are not the only states where the battle for traditional marriage is being fought.  Pro-Family Voices in the Garden State for the 2nd Annual Statewide Citizens Rally to demand the right to vote on a State Constitutional Amendment defining once and for all that marriage should remain One Man and One Woman. “Let the People Decide.”

Nationally syndicated columnist and author, Star Parker from CURE Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education aka “Urban Cure” keynoted the event speaking as only Star Parker can. Star Parker’s experience and perspective as a black woman demonstrates she understands the need for positive social change and protecting and defending the family from being redefined.

Speakers who addressed the crowd included Len Deo, President of the New Jersey Family Policy Council; Pat Brannigan of the New Jersey Catholic Conference; Demetrios Stratis ESQ, Alliance Defense Fund and the New Jersey Legal Resource Council; Rev. Clenard Childress, LEARN Life Education Action Resource Network; John Tomicki J.D., New Jersey Coalition to Preserve & Protect Marriage; Rev. Jose Lopez, President Hispanic Pastors Association Hudson Co.; Tom Ciborski, State Deputy, NJ Knights of Columbus;  Bishop George Searight, CEFCA (Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship & Cathedral Assemblies); Gregory Quinlan, New Jersey Family First.

New Jersey citizens are rightfully concerned about the state of our culture and the future we are leaving for our children. Many of the citizens who attended voiced their concern for the need to preserve marriage between a man and a woman not only because God has ordained it, but because it is wrong and detrimental to deny any child a mother or a father.  Research shows that children thrive in a household where there are both a mother and a father. Recently in San Francisco 5 & 6 year old impressionable little children went on a “field trip” to witness their First Grade Lesbian Teacher “marry,” another woman. In Sweden and Canada people of faith have lost their freedom to share their faith and exercise their 1st Amendment free speech rights to discuss homosexuality even in their houses of worship.  Some of the citizens interviewed on camera by the NJ Family Policy Council yesterday also expressed concern for how a redefinition of marriage in New Jersey would likely affect their religious freedom and freedom of speech.  This is why it is time to hear the people’s voice and “Let the People Decide!”