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About Us

Our Mission

We champion family values by creating culture changers; at home, in the church, in the voting booth, and in the public square.

Our Vision

We imagine New Jersey as a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

We imagine a time when New Jersey’s culture thrives because we EQUIP enough citizens to ADVANCE CONSERVATIVE POLICY, REVERSE CULTURAL DECAYand BUILD ALLIANCES by engaging the institutions that shape our culture on behalf of life, marriage & family, religious freedom, and parental rights.


Encouraging families to live right.
We promote traditional family value programs to have an impact the public, through out New Jersey communities.




We voice values. Supporting legislation and public policy that under-girds religious liberty and parental rights consistent with our vision and mission; and we actively oppose actions that threaten our values.




1st Ammd

Creating programs & inspiring actions that right wrong. Holding policy makers and institutions accountable. We support those who are aligned with our values and oppose those who are not, to protect and preserve religious liberty.



The Council’s Values; What Our Constituents Can Expect From Us

In the book of Matthew (chapter 5), Jesus responds to the crowds

of people from a mountainside where He delivers the Sermon on the Mount, known as The Beatitudes. In the fourth beatitude He states,

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.”

At the root of all we do, is the righteousness of God; His Truth; His precepts. It is those things that under-gird the values we list below and those things that enliven and empower us to do the things we do often against overwhelming odds.

  • Perseverance: We believe moral, physical, and spiritual absolutes exist and were given to mankind to govern all of life, and our team is staffed by dedicated men and women who persevere as they promote those absolutes to our culture.
  • Integrity: In keeping with principles of public morality, that we espouse, we conduct our work with a strong sense of personal and interpersonal integrity.
  • Stewardship: Because life and all its blessings are gifts originating in and belonging to God, we work diligently to be faithful stewards of our finances, relationships and rhetoric.
  • Innovation: As Americans, we are heirs to one of the most innovative political systems in history. In our work we pursue innovative strategies to involve New Jersey families in this great Republic, and we strive to offer creative contributions to the ever-changing discourse of public policy.
  • Collaboration: Parents, ultimately, have a fundamental right to guide their children’s lives and to direct responsibly every aspect of their education and care into adulthood. Therefore, we work closely with families, churches, and like-minded organizations, building alliances that encourage cooperation and mutual support among the efforts ongoing in our organization.
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