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Family Strong Campaign

The New Jersey Family Strong Campaign comprises our legislative priorities for the 216th legislature. Life, Marriage & Family, and Religious Liberty.

family strong campaign


  • E-MMICA: Equality in Minors’ Medical Informed Consent Act (equivalency in parental notification for medical procedures)
  • Post Viability Protection Act
  • Establish mandatory waiting period of 48 hours for all women seeking abortions
  • Require clinic workers to offer ultrasounds to all women seeking abortions

Marriage & Family

  • Property Tax Means and Family Relief Act (property tax reduction for families)
  • Property Tax Relief and Parent Empowerment Act (school choice legislation)
  • Paternal Responsibility Act (for women seeking welfare)
  • Common Core Opt-Out Act
  • Establish parental notification concerning the grades of college students in public universities
  • Establish parental consent for the sale of M-rated video games and above
  • Defeat the Death with Dignity Act

Religious Liberty

  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  • Judicial reform
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