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Doctor Assisted Suicide Bill (S1072/A1504), Refuses to Die in the NJ State Legislature


Contact: Len Deo, Founder & President


Warren, New Jersey – May 2018 – Doctor Assisted Suicide (DAS) euphemistically titled “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act” (S1072/A1504) allows “qualified” terminally ill patients to take a lethal dose, often close to 100 pills, to end their life. This bill made it out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on March 12, 2018 with a vote of 5 to 2. The New Jersey Family Policy Council has been advocating against this Doctor Assisted Suicide bill since 2014 when it was first introduced into the New Jersey Legislature. The following points are a few of the many reasons why New Jersey should not join the other 7 states and the District of Columbia where assisted suicide is legal.

  • Doctor Assisted Suicide is primed for abuse:
    • Some people’s lives could potentially be ended without their consent, through mistakes and intentional abuse No safeguards have ever been enacted or even proposed that can prevent this outcome, which once done can never be undone…
  • Doctor Assisted Suicide is too dangerous:
    • Prognosis of time to live for a terminal illness are too often wrong, leading people to give up on hope and treatment. It also endangers people with disabilities, people with chronic illness, and others who are misdiagnosed as terminally ill.
  • Doctor Assisted Suicide will become the only option low-income people are given:
    • The cost of drugs for DAS is minuscule compared to the costs of providing treatment to the end of their illness. This economic force of gravity is obvious and insurance companies, in states where DAS is legal, are already denying critical medications in favor of a lethal drug cocktail, such as in Oregon and California.

Among these points and many more are the reasons why organizations such as The American Association of People with Disabilities, The American College of Medical Quality, and American Nurses Association all oppose Doctor Assisted Suicide laws. NJFPC is calling for residents to help stop this bill in its tracks! We need you to unleash your citizenship and reach out to your local assembly members and urge them to vote NO on S1074/A1504 based on your concerns and the reasons stated above. For more info and how to oppose visit

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