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If you were offered a sumptuous homemade bowl of soup on a very cold winter’s day but were told someone had added one drop of cyanide to the soup, would you still partake? Would you eat “around” the cyanide? Of course not!! This is in essence what the Watchung Hills Regional High School district has told parents to do. And parents today filed a lawsuit against the Watchung Hills Regional High School Board . . .

Let me explain—

I am proud of the efforts of a group of citizens in the Watchung Hills Regional High School District who have challenged their local school board over a book, Fun Home – A Tragi-Comic that is not such a fun home. This book represents the drop of cyanide in the education our children are subject to in New Jersey.

Fun Home is a comic-book type memoir which contains actual pictures of author, Alison Bechdel, having gay-sex with another lesbian. Fun Home being in our schools is nothing short of promoting obscenity to minors— which is against federal and state law.

This book was required reading in the English Literature curriculum. But because of overwhelming parental outcry against the pornographic illustrations in the book, the school has allowed students to select the book from a list of two others. But should graphic pornographic depictions be any option AT ALL in a public school?

Does the School Board care? In spite of parental outrage, school board members and even the school’s superintendent claimed the book had “valuable literary content” and children had the “right” to read it. The school claimed pulling the book was “censorship” and “discrimination” against LGBT-identifying individuals! Hence, my story about the cyanide being added to a bowl of soup above!

Where have we comes as a society when this obscene trash is being promoted to high schoolers as “English Literature”?

Is all hope lost? Of course not! Are we even thinking of down? The thought never even crossed our mind. We want to support these parents by helping them to challenge the book Fun Home in the courts. Thanks to the efforts of Demetrios Stratis, Esq., the lawsuit was filed just this morning.

The commitment we, the NJFPC, has made is to support the brave parents of Watchung Hills that are standing up for truth. The NJFPC is committed to help with the funding to cover some of the legal costs to support these parents.

I know I can count on you to continue to support us, so we in turn, can support them!

Please accept my deepest gratitude for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support.   Your friendship and warm remarks to us are the wind beneath our wings.

Would you prayerfully consider a gift today to help us with the costs in this lawsuit and to undergird our efforts in defending life, family, religious freedom and the Watchung Hills Regional High School parents?

Yours for the Family,
Len Deo
Founder & President


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