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Opposition Grows Against Objectional Required Reading in NJ High School


Contact: Len Deo, Founder & President


Warren, New Jersey – June 7, 2018 – On Tuesday evening, the Watchung Regional High School Board heard grave concerns from parents reacting to a required reading book for 12 graders in high school. “This is not the first time objectionable books have been added to school curriculum,” stated Len Deo, who attended the meeting to be a support to the parents and to hear first-hand how the school board members would respond to the parents request to remove the book and replace it with something more appropriate. The book, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic is written by a lesbian, who illustrates the book with cartoon like drawings, a number of which are very graphic sexually, even showing two women in positions of a sexual encounter.

  • The parents to their credit were very respectful, but very insistent that this book went over the line. The turnout of concerned parents was robust. The School Board president even commented that the Board was not used to such a large showing of people.
  • This Graphic Novel was referred to as an attempt to build district wide diversity in keeping with the goals to have a welcoming, non-bullying environment in the district No one disagreed with the goal, however, the content of this book is truly offensive.
  • Tolerance and respect for differences of opinion are essential in a pluralistic society like ours. However, that does not mean that one sides agenda needs to be forced upon families and students who do not hold to open and sexual revelations being required reading.
  • The parents had to wait approximately two hours before making their statements as the Board had to go through its regular business. Public comment on non-agenda items was next to last on the agenda. Frankly, we found that to be disrespectful to the citizens who provide the lion’s share of the school’s operating budget through their property taxes.

“The key here is will the school board respond to these concerned parents and replace the book with one that is more appropriate? Or will the school board and school superintendent dig their heels in and hope that the parent’s fervent opposition will peter out with time?” Deo, stated. “As long as these families stay the course and travel the road less traveled, they will be agents of change for the better for their school district and their whole community. My hat is off to them and we will do whatever we can to support their efforts,” Deo concluded. Visit

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