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New Jersey Legislature Tries to Force Religious Employers to Fund Abortion! Take Action!

Dear Friends,

A bill that would expand insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs and eliminate New Jersey’s religious employers’ exemption is going to be heard in committee tomorrow.

Your voice is urgently needed to stop it!

S 3804 and A 5508 are part of a package of bills that the governor and the legislature are supporting to create a New Jersey version of the federal Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010, commonly known as Obamacare.

If this bill passes, all faith-based institutions – including Christian schools, churches and Christian-based non-profits – would be forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs! Faith-based institutions would be required under the law to either violate their own beliefs or give up their critical work.

These bills are on a fast track, and we need your help! A 5508 is now scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday, June 13, at 1 p.m. in Committee Room 11, 4th Floor, in the State House Annex in Trenton. The Senate bill is not yet scheduled, but that could happen anytime.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to vote NO on S 3804 and A 5508! It only takes a moment on our Action Center.

Then please share this far and wide so others can speak up as well!

Thank you for taking a stand for life and religious freedom!
Len Deo
President and Founder

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