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Citizen Builders: New Jersey Political Action and Ethics Programs

citizen buildersWe are committed to educating New Jersey citizens on the importance of political action and to equipping them with the tools and resources necessary for responsible citizenship. We offer a variety of programs to various audiences: youth, couples, parents, families, men, and women. The content of each is focused on delivering a value-based message from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Abstinence Education Ethics Program

Our Abstinence Education program empowers teens to save sex until marriage.

City on the Hill Political Program

City on the Hill gives high school students an insider’s view of the legislative process and provides them with leadership training from men and women who are leading the fight for healthy families, including members of the New Jersey Legislature.

Action Alert Network Political action Program

Our Action Alert Network connects voters with their legislators when bills are introduced that affect the outlook for unborn children, for a strong marriage culture, and for the ability of religious believers to practice their faith.

Write for Freedom Network Ethics Program

The Write for Freedom Network ensures that local newspapers are hearing from members of their communities who care about life, marriage, stable families, and religious liberty. We provide tools to make this easy.

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