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City On the Hill

City on the Hill 2013 participants pose on the State House steps just before their final legislative session in the Assembly chamber

Youth Leadership Conference & Mock Legislature

City On The Hill political action program is a fun, informative week of fellowship and learning for students 16-21, held at the College of New Jersey. Our next City on the Hill political action program will be held in the summer 2015. Students receive leadership training and learn how government works by touring the State House, conducting a mock legislative session and committee meetings, and hearing from leaders involved in public life—including members of the New Jersey Legislature.

This political action program consists of five action-packed days that include party elections, sponsoring legislation for constituents, practicing public speaking skills, and debating today’s critical issues. Recreation and entertainment opportunities are provided in the evenings, and the week concludes with a special banquet and awards ceremony. Students are selected on a merit basis from churches and Christian schools throughout New Jersey, and reside for the week in dormitories located on the TCNJ campus. Transportation during the conference, meals, and program materials are included in the registration cost. To apply for the 2015 program, please fill out the form below.

City on the Hill Application

Part 1: Personal Information

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Parental Information (If student is under 18)

Church Information

School Information

Part 2: Activities

Please either fill out all fields below. Alternately, you may upload a resume as a PDF (.pdf) file or Microsoft Word Document (.doc).

Please list any activities that you feel either demonstrate a) spiritual maturity, b) initiative, or c) an interest in politics.

Part 3: Essay Questions

Alumni may skip all of part 3.

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The following questions will help our decision making process for this year's conference. Please answer BOTH the "General Interest" and "Essay" sections.


I. General Interest Questions (Answer EACH QUESTION in 50-100 words.)


II. Essay Question

Choose ONE topic from the list below and explain your reasons for voting for or against the issue. Respond in 400-600 words. Type your essay in the box below, or upload your answer as a PDF file (.pdf) or Word Document (.doc).

- Should judges on the NJ Supreme Court make use of foreign, or out-of-state precedent when making a ruling? Explain why or why not.

- Setting aside any belief in God or in any absolute, transcendent ethical code, give arguments for or against same-sex civil marriage.

- Do you think that elected legislators should be subject to term-limits?

- Argue for or against state funding of any and all legal medical procedures. Should a state ever distinguish between which legal medical procedures it is willing to fund? (e.g. Abortion)

- Should the church have any role in Civil Government? Should Civil Government have any role in the church? Explain what you think ought to be the relationship between church and state.

- Should public schools teach Sex Education? Explain why or why not.

- Should the state government place restrictions on Internet pornography? Do they have the right to? Explain why or why not.

Click submit if you have filled out all the preceding fields (if applicable) completely and accurately.

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