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“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto all the captives thereof.” Leviticus 25:10.


The New Jersey Family Policy Council and New Jersey Family First, NJFPC’s legislative action arm, were formed with a focus on accountability, even as we serve the church. Our accountability efforts are twofold. First, we exhort the church to be faithful in serving as the conscience of the culture and state. Second, we hold New Jersey’s elected officials and institutions accountable to protect and preserve New Jersey family and religious liberty and respect the church’s proclamation of the Gospel.

How It Works

Primarily, we create opportunities for New Jersey’s pastors and the corporate body of Christ to speak to the culture and the public square. Secondly, we engage elected officials to ensure that once they are in office, they fulfill their promises to the people. Our accountability tactics begin with New Jersey clergy, churchgoers, and citizens; we provide opportunities for their voice to be heard and for principled persuasion to take place and to protect New Jersey family and religious liberty.


We measure the success of our accountability tactics by the following goals:

  • Building and maintaining a robust network of clergy and citizen activists, and giving both a voice in the public square
  • Marshaling coalitions to advance our legislative and political priorities
  • Running Values Voter Turnout Initiatives for each primary and general election cycle
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