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The New Jersey Family Policy Council (NJFPC) and its legislative and political action arm, New Jersey Family First (NJFF) work together to influence public policy through legislation that promotes family values. We support legislation and public policy consistent with our mission and vision, and oppose actions that threaten our values.

In the New Jersey public policy arena, we concentrate on the following New Jersey family ethics and values issues: abortion, bioethics, defense of marriage, divorce reform, end-of-life issues, homosexuality, over-taxation, parents’ rights, religious liberty, rights of conscience, sexual decency and pornography, and finally, urban affairs.

Along with legislator relationships, a volunteer grassroots network is critical to our ability to make major accomplishments in this realm. Our volunteer network is vital for moving positive New Jersey family legislation and stopping legislation that is hostile to our family ethics and values. Click here to get involved.

Efforts in our Policy Builders program include

  • Planning and conducting outreach for each piece of legislation that we desire to have signed into law
  • Building our volunteer program, expanding our paid lobbying team, and coordinating the work of the two
  • Building educators’ and physicians’ networks, engaging schools to protect religious liberty for students and teachers, and asking physicians to weigh in on medicine’s moral questions
  • Consulting with our clergy and legal networks as needed on bill preparation and analysis, legislative testimony, and lobbying
  • Supplying voter guides to churches to help New Jersey’s citizens vote their family values
  • Publishing voter scorecards on both specific candidate races and the entire legislature
  • Bill tracking, available on our website
  • Cultivating legislator relationships outside of the state capitol building through prayer breakfasts, individual office visits, appreciation events, rallies, and like events
  • Cultivating relationships with urban pastors and legislators
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