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One Man, One Woman

Same-sex relationships are not marriages. Persons of the same sex do not form a unique community based on sexual difference. Calling such relationships “marriage” requires us to declare that the cultural and biological differences between men and women are inconsequential to society and to children. The homosexual view of marriage as a loving, committed relationship is a redefinition of marriage, not an extension of it. If governments accept the argument that people in homosexual relationships are entitled to marriage benefits based on the argument of “equal treatment under the law,” what is to stop them from giving those same benefits to self-described long-term committed polygamists, incestuous couples or even adult/child couples who “pay taxes and participate in the community”?

Marriage law was purposely written to recognize only a relationship between one man and one woman. Under current law every citizen receives equal treatment. Everyone has the same right to enter into a marriage relationship as described in the law and reap the benefits. All adults who do not marry are free to enter into other non-marital relationships, not publicly endorsed but privately tolerated. Private mechanisms are currently available to all  unmarried people to manage their affairs.

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