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Understanding Common Core

The Common Core State Standards have provoked a nationwide outcry from the right, the left, and the politically indifferent. This page exists to provide you with a one-stop resource of relevant, fact-based information about the Common Core. We are learning about this topic, too, so be sure to check back periodically for updated materials.

Subject Matter Overviews

Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts & Literacy,” by Sarah Perry

“…as the Standards Initiative is motivated by the readiness to compete in a global economy, it is prudent to remember that the human mind makes jobs; jobs do not make the human mind. Children are not machines to be programmed with data. The insight, curiosity, and human emotion that arise from extensive study of the great works of literature (including, for example, those of Plato, Hans Christen Andersen, and Ben Franklin—none of whom appear on Common Core reading lists) promote intelligent, capable graduates…”

Common Core State Standards: Mathematics,” by Sarah Perry

“The CCSS cover fewer topics than those covered by traditional math materials, and eliminate topics such as pre-calculus and most aspects of trigonometry. CCSS also eliminate concepts traditionally associated with algebra II and geometry, such as complex numbers, vectors, polynomials, logarithms, logarithmic and exponential functions, the Binomial Theorem, composite and inverse functions, matrices, ellipses, hyperbolae, the derivation of area of general triangles, and the concept of ‘pi.'”

Common Core: Sex Education and the Desolation of Youth,” by Steven Rodgers

“Sex-ed used to be where we taught high school kids how and where babies came from, and a few tips on how to AVOID that…However the terms used on this poster were about SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. That’s a whole lot more than making babies, especially for middle school. Even a thirteen year old girl was offended.”


Common Core in Context: Federalism, State Authority, and Parental Rights

“The idea that the richest man in America can purchase and—working closely with the U.S. Department of Education—impose new and untested academic standards on the nation’s public schools is a national scandal…Who knew that American education was for sale?” —Diane Ravitch, “Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Coup,” Huffington Post, June 2014

Position on Common Core State Standards — Family Research Council

Education Without Representation — Citizen Magazine (by Candi Cushman)

The Road to a National Curriculum – Executive Summary — Pioneer Institute (full report)

National Cost of Aligning States and Localities to the Common Core Standards – Executive Summary Pioneer Institute (full report)

National Standards Don’t Make the Grade – Executive Summary — Pioneer Institute (full report)

Common Core National Standards and Tests: Empty Promises and Increased Federal Overreach Into Education” — The Heritage Foundation (edited by Lindsey Burke)

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