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Thank You for Taking Action That Will Save Lives!

Recent headlines across the state document the tremendous need to inform high school students on our state’s Safe Haven Act.  Thanks to your help in response to a New Jersey Family Policy Council Action Alert, Governor Murphy signed an important law requiring students be informed about the Safe Haven Act just last week.

What is the Safe Haven Act? The law allows parents to drop off their unwanted and unharmed infants who are younger than 30 days old at police stations, emergency departments, first aid squads and fire stations with no questions asked and without fear of prosecution.

Seventy-two babies have been saved by the Safe Haven Act since 2000, the year the law was enacted in NJ. As recently as June, a child was surrendered at a Safe Haven location in South Jersey.

Tragically, just a few months earlier in March, a newborn was suffocated by a teenage mother and left in a dumpster in Neptune, NJ. This unwanted child did not have to die a heartbreaking and inhumane death. Was this high-school mother unaware that the Safe Haven Act offered her the option to surrender her child? Now, because of your action and rare bipartisan support, future young parents will be informed of the opportunity to choose life for their child despite difficult circumstances.

On Friday, August 23, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a requirement that all public schools teach students in grades 9-12 on the existing Safe Haven Act. This commonsense law had passed both houses in the Legislature on June 27.

Teenage parents are more prone to act impulsively in confusing and stressful situations. Purposely educating these students about the Safe Haven Act will increase the likelihood that preborn babies will be carried to full term without fear of obligations or post-birth anger towards the child.

Your prompt engagement in our request to call the governor’s office and complete a personal email regarding this bill encouraged him to immediately enact the law. In other words, Governor Murphy listened, and you saved lives!

 “The people who know their God will stand firm and take action.” Daniel 11:32

Together, we must remain diligent and determined to work towards a NJ where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.  Change is inevitable if we continue our mission to glorify God by unleashing our biblical citizenship.

For life,

Len Deo
Founder and President
New Jersey Family Policy Council

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy – New Jersey
Family Policy Alliance

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