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We must begin to Turn The Tide!

boxing-gloveWe need partners like you who will become “investors” in the future of families and businesses in New Jersey. You will provide the financial POWER PUNCH sustaining the Citizen’s Alliance through steady monthly investments that allow us to implement the plan and strategies to turn the tide.

Lots of people giving a little bit on a monthly basis is incredibly dynamic! Imagine the possibilities!

Today there are 48 faithful partners who are giving a total of $2,350 each month. We are grateful for their generous sustaining gift, but this falls drastically short of the financial banking necessary for the CA to help New Jerseyians unleash citizenship by encouraging and enabling citizens to serve, vote and run for office in order to prioritize and protect our fiscal, parental and religious civil rights.

Our 2018 goal is to inspire our friends across New Jersey to help us Turn the Tide with a monthly investment of $20 to $50 or more to increase sustaining gifts to at least $6,150 per month!

Here is what we intend to do with your investment in the Citizen’s Alliance…

  • Continue to battle in Trenton to oppose offensive legislation like the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.”
  • Provide education and campaign training seminars for those NJFPC/NJFF friends who are willing to run for local office and serving their fellow citizens in the public square.
  • Continuing to build County Citizen Alliance Teams in 5 targeted counties in 2018 and ultimately all 21 Counties by 2021.
  • Where possible, depending on resources provided by partners like you, we will help like-minded candidates who are running for elected office in 2018.

We are grateful for the generous partners who are able to give larger gifts out of their abundance, but we know that this grassroots movement needs grassroots funding.


Click a button below to give securely to NJFF or NJFPC.

Give to New Jersey Family First (NJFF)

Gifts to New Jersey Family First are NOT tax-deductible. These gifts allow NJFF to promote pro-family, biblically-based policy at the Capitol and other legislative or political arenas. NJFF is the legislative arm of the New Jersey Family Policy Council.

Give to New Jersey Family Policy Council (NJFPC)

Gifts to New Jersey Family Policy Council ARE tax-deductible. They enable NJFPC to educate, equip, engage and rally New Jersey citizens to rise up and stand with us; becoming culture changers, leaders and citizens with a strong voice — helping to lead the Garden State to pro-family victories.

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