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Yes, I want to help support NJFPC’s effort to establish FAMILY values as a priority in New Jersey.

  •   Ambassador – work to build new constituents and supporters - increasing the Council’s ability to influence cultural transformation for life - marriage & family and religious liberty
      Legislative Liaison – assist the Council’s Director of Government Affairs when needed - to lobby for friendly legislation and lobby against hostile legislation
      Freedom Watch Network – monitor and report to the Council relevant happenings in local towns - school boards and community institutions; also serve as “Watchmen on the Wall” or church liaisons
      Youth Impact Speaker – impact young people’s lives and decisions through presentations on adolescent sexual activity and other harmful habits
      Write for Freedom Network – submit letters to the editor of local papers when provided by the Council and/or write submissions to daily and weekly newspapers
      Action Alert Network – contact elected officials via email when alerted by the Council to lobby legislators on key issues and provide backup for our lobbying efforts
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